Panel Memberships

IT Services Panel: Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities

The Standing Offer reference Number (SON) for the deed is: SON3403954. Standing offer Period: 18-Feb-2017 to 17-Feb-2020

Robinson Ryan has been selected as a preferred supplier for inclusion on the ICT Services Panel for the following categories:

  • Service Category 2 - Business & Systems Analysis
  • Service Category 3 - Enterprise, Information & Application Architects
  • Service Category 6 - Information and Records Management
  • Service Category 7 - Business Reporting / Intelligence
  • Service Category 17 - ICT Strategic Planning & Advice

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A simple "Notice of Inclusion" form needs to be completed. Agencies who already utilise this standing offer includes : DHS, DoEE, Dept of Health, Dept of PM&C and DSS.

Your agency may already be signed up. Check with contact the section in your agency responsible for ICT procurement to obtain the deed (outlines the procurement details) and see if a “Notice of Inclusion" has been completed.

Please email ICT Finance and Procurement at the Department for more details.

Digital Marketplace: Digital Transformation Australia (DTA)

Click here to go to the Digital Marketplace. You will have option to request our services by creating an opportunity with an invite of “Open to one", “Open to selected" or “Open to all”.

Robinson Ryan has been assessed and approved as seller for the following categories:

  • Agile Delivery and Governance
  • Change, Training and Transformation
  • Data Science
  • Software engineering and Development

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Please contact us if you require services in the categories "Strategy and Policy” and “Support and Operations”.

Defence Support Services (DSS) Panel: Department of Defence

The panel covers both short-term and long-term rates.

Robinson Ryan has been approved with the following Skillset:

  • Data and Configuration Management.

Please email the Department for more details.

ICT Contractor Services Panel: Department of Human Services

The Standing Offer reference Number (SON) for the deed is: SON867801.

Please contact us directly if you wish to utilise this panel.