About the Team

Image removed.Robinson Ryan has intensive relationships with the international data management community, particularly through the global professional bodies: the Data Management Association (DAMA) and The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI).

One of our directors, David Wiebe, is the President of the Australian Data Management Association and a contributor to the International Data Privacy, Ethics and Governance Committee of DAMA International.

In addition, our other director, Lloyd Robinson, is recognised as an international conference speaker and contributor to the practical development of data management implementation. He is recognised by TDWI as a certified business intelligence professional (CBIP) at a masters level.

Many of our employees and associates are members and regular contributors to DAMA and other forums in data, information and business architectures and management. We have extensive awareness, training and certification in complementary methodologies and competencies. These include TOGAF, Prince II, Agile development, ITIL, CoBit, Lean and other variations. This enables us to bring a broad understanding to our engagements, taking multiple disciplines and approaches into account. We take this deep understanding and active development of world leading competency into our consulting, training and certification services.

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