Consultancy services

consultancy services

Our senior consultants work with CxOs and senior business/IT managers to translate business concepts to designs and qualified business cases, assist with business/IT execution, and guide IT operations. They have held senior business/IT leadership roles in large organisations, and use that experience to help our clients define and deliver the results they need. Our consultants help to crystallise, design and validate business/IT propositions, make sure that project execution delivers the right output, and evaluate actual outcomes against what was proposed. Our consultants are frequently engaged as trusted advisors to CIOs and senior business leaders. They apply a collaborative and focused style to get results that maximise business value.

We help to crystallise the "good ideas" into viable business/IT concepts that can be evaluated and developed.


A Strategy is a direction well expressed, demonstrably delivering a purpose or outcome.
Robinson Ryan help you create strategies to ensure management agreement without getting into too much detail and cost.
Robinson Ryan design strategies are expressed in the culture of the organisation, given structure from industry standards and our models, but not driven by them.
Robinson Ryan design strategies address both what we need to do, as well as prioritise the activities. A strategy needs to express choice and order, not just a full list of things to do based on a benchmark.
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We help clients transform viable concepts into business and IT architectures that encompass their business model.


Robinson Ryan has developed deep expertise and robust methodologies in Transactional Business Architectures and Business Intelligence.  

We have tailored approaches in both of these specialist areas to greatly increase the speed of requirements gathering (engaging the business), design (business-IT alignment) and implementation (engaging IT).

We have demonstrably improved risk, quality and time-to-value outcomes in modern, agile and highly collaborative environments.

Architecture is the underlying structure upon which a solution is built.

An architecture’s quality is determined by its ability to:

  • support incremental delivery (even if the complete set of requirements is not yet known)
  • flex and respond to change over time (aligns and delivers business strategy)
  • deliver solutions of low lifetime cost structure (maintenance complexity is manageable)
  • be maintainable by easily accessible resources (it is possible to use internal or external resources and know-how)
Building in progrees

We help our clients build, review or evaluate business cases that cover business change, system change, data management, and IT infrastructure.


Experience, refined by learning and certification, improves judgement.

Robinson Ryan is often asked to diagnose an organisation risk, issue or problem.

  • How can we do this better?
  • How can we avoid this crisis again?
  • What questions should we ask of our technical solutions and partners?
  • How can my people become more effective?
  • How can we get this programme/project back on track?

We will use tools like our data management maturity assessment, and other common approaches such as CMM maturity assessments.

A number of our Practice Managers and associates have led and managed large teams of 500+ people directly (line managed) and indirectly (influenced and consulted).

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Our experience spans leading edge technologies and business models across three decades