ACS Conference 2015

Start Date: Wednesday 9th September 2015
Duration: 1 day
Location: Canberra ACT
Hire a Data Architect

There are many architects in the world, business architects, process architects, product architects, customer experience architects and technical architects (not including civil architects, naval architects and political architects).  These are all critical and important, but if an organisation wants to reduce its running costs and increase its flexibility, then the most important architecture to get right is the data architecture.

It takes a long time, is difficult and expensive and best approached in an evolutionary manner, but over ten years, an organisation can fundamentally change its cost structure.

But, not just anybody can do this, DAMA has a certification program that will assist organisations to understand and hire increased competence and gain greater surety in the outcomes that data management offers.

Lloyd Robinson summarises 30 years of thinking in data management, having asked himself every day and in every organisation; “what is the point?”  He brings practical, real-world experiences to this complex question and then answers it with a number of immediately useful principles and approaches.

And he is certified as a Data Management Professional and Business Intelligence Professional by DAMA and TDWI respectively.