Data Modelling Zone

Start Date: Monday 5th March 2018
Duration: 1 day
Data Modelling Zone

GOOD DATA IS GOOD BUSINESS - if you look after your data, your data will look after you!

If you use data in your organisation, you need to use it better and score more runs, for this, your Data Modellers are your heavy hitters. [include some cricket / baseball images?]


The Data Modelling Zone 2018 conference is the opportunity to equip your Data Modellers with the latest and best data techniques from around the world, for your business benefit.

  • Need more value from your data?  Data modellers find the best way for sustained gain
  • Looking for the right data?  Data modellers help find and understand it!
  • Check it’s quality? Data modellers find the gaps and causes
  • Data conflicts and confusion? Data modellers find a way through!

Invest in your Data Modellers and they will feed your organisation with better data! Send them to DMZ 2018 

Robinson Ryan is a proud sponsor of Data Modelling Zone 2018 in Canberra