SAS Expertise and Analytics Platforms

Expertise and Preparation/Analytics Platforms

SAS is a leading enterprise-class visual & analytical suite with decades of experience. 1000’s of organisations globally rely on the answers and insights SAS reveals from their data.

These insights come with significant investment to make the most of the comprehensive capabilities SAS offers. Business needs and sponsorship can change so ongoing focus on the value of high-end data engineering, visualisation and analytics can be challenging. Finding, keeping or accessing expertise needed to release the value in your data requires careful consideration.

Robinson Ryan has the certified SAS experts who can make a difference:

  • Ensure your SAS system continues to operate at peak performance so return on investment in SAS is optimised.
  • Complement and supplement in-house expertise so SAS effectively deliver answers and insights demanded by the business.
  • Help plan evolution of your SAS capability so changes to business objectives, cost tailoring or business sponsorship can be navigated.

Robinson Ryan delivery and engagement models are designed to ensure one thing: positive outcomes! We can help you with:

SAS Architecture & Design

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