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We live in an era where it is absolutely vital —for all business, across all industries— to find solutions to running a business in the simplest and most agile way possible. Recently, the Australian Government identified  Data Management as a key competency in economic development.

Robinson Ryan is dedicated to empowering businesses by providing comprehensive resources and education for the digital transformation of a business. Robinson Ryan recognises that your business has unique requirements critical to your core mission. Our educators accommodate to your data transformation needs, providing you with the proficiency and skill advancement to succeed.

Data Management underpins every business decision and every single successful customer transaction. The course in Data Management offered by Robinson Ryan facilitates the creation of the best quality data and the best integration of your data with your business, supporting your business as it realises its most productive and efficient potential.

This course is designed for information systems professionals with a foundation in data management. Over 3 days, the course covers the essentials for businesses wanting to increase their digital effectiveness, with an emphasis on Data Management, Data Quality and Data Governance.

Day 1 day, provides participants with an overview of the 10 core modules from the DMBoK. 


  • Data Quality 
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Modelling and Design
  • Data Storage and Operations
  • Data Security
  • Data Integration
  • Documents and Content
  • Reference and Master Data
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Meta-Data Management

Data Governance is the exercise of authority and control over data asset management. How do you do this in the context of your organisation’s existing data management practices and culture?

Data Quality is often overlooked by organisations as it’s tomorrow’s problem.  Are you working with data in a business area and need a better understanding of data quality, concepts and practices?

Brisbane 17-19 September – book now

Sydney 15-17 October – book now

Perth 12-14 November – book now

Canberra 4-6 March 

Sydney 8-10 April 

Data modelling takes your business requirements and develops an information system that supports all critical business processes. The course in Data Modelling offered by Robinson Ryan has an emphasis on its practical implementation and is essential in empowering your business with well-informed decision making and increased productivity.

This foundational course is an investment in the information systems professionals of your business. Over 2 days, the course covers the essentials of data modelling, incorporating accessible exercises and examples from case studies.

This course covers:

  • Relational modelling
  • Normalisation
  • Entity Modelling
  • Subtypes and Supertypes, Roles
  • Time and History
  • Common modelling errors
  • Attributes, value ranges and codes
  • De-normalisation
  • Common uses of data modelling
  • Reuse, patterns and resources
  • Enterprise contexts
  • Data warehousing concepts

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