How We Work

Practical partners supporting data management leaders

How we work

Clients tell us it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

It’s one thing to offer data management expertise. But we’re here to walk the data management journey with you, providing fundamental support and guidance on how data is collected, structured, secured and used.

We provide


Practical progress

Our specialty is translating the framework described in the DMBoK and embedding data practices into business-as-usual activities that deliver meaningful outcomes. Adhering to best practice, we create data strategies, architecture, and roadmaps – then roll up our sleeves and help you get runs on the board.


Flexible engagements

We offer complete flexibility in how you engage with us. We are here as your long-term partner, offering strategic consulting, resourcing and project execution and even taking on functional responsibility. We also lift learning, with coaching, mentoring and training.


Support for data leaders

We provide long-term support for data leaders and the complex issues they face, such as shifting the internal data culture. We help you ask the hard questions, build business cases, set responsibilities, lift data skills and culture, and establish foundations that truly support business outcomes.

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“We chose Robinson Ryan as our partner for data management and governance – we needed a
pragmatic partner, one that would roll up their sleeves, work alongside us and deliver tangible progress.
I appreciate Robinson Ryan’s mentorship and guidance – it’s very much a two-way conversation.”

Mathew Finch

Head of Emerging Technology & Data Platforms – Group, nib

Getting Your Critical
Data Sorted

Don’t Ruin Your Organisation by
Tolerating Poor Data Quality

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