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Clear Messages


19 August 2020

Presenter: Lloyd Robinson

Use simple narrative structures to
develop your own clear messages

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Communicating a clear message to your audience is not a trivial task. A technically correct, but poorly structured message often has significant consequences to projects, budget and time frames.

This 1 day course provides participants with the building blocks and skills to create clear and compelling messages. The course describes the power of storytelling and then adapts that framework for crafting stories that resonate with a business audience.Use simple narrative structures combined with a wealth of exercises to equip participants with the  ability to develop their own clear messages.

It is targeted at management and discipline leaders who need to communicate up, down and across the organisation. It empowers participants with the tools to do their job – influencing, directing and convincing others of their purpose, galvanising people into action and achieving outcomes.




This course runs from 9 am to 5 pm
Tea and coffee will be available from 8.30 am. 

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