Data Strategy Principles – The must-haves for every organisation

With organisations relying more and more on data to determine and measure their growth strategies and goals, there’s no denying that data is recognised as an important strategic asset.

To make the most of your data, make it a priority to ensure your workforce has a solid understanding of best practice data strategy principles. This means formulating and implementing a clearly defined data strategy that includes

1. Strong governance to ensure compliance over the data life cycle. Good governance is linked to the Business Strategy. It monitors the implementation and compliance of key processes, reviews periodic data quality reports, and educates stakeholders on data informed decision making.

2.Understand your baseline of where the organisation is currently, take some time determining where you want to be. Then identify the gaps, challenges, dependencies and risks to help develop an implementation roadmap.

3. Implement through incremental project delivery to minimise the impact on the organisation, identify a single project to implement the activities. This enables you to review and re-adjust as required. A big plus you will learn as you go.

4. Focus on Data Issues Management and teach your staff to be able to spot errors in your data, identify what needs to be changed and empower them to drive the change.

5. It’s not about Technology, if your data strategy is all about how the technology will drive the business outcomes….. you are on the road to failure. Your business drives the data requirements not technology.

With these data strategy principles in place, your data becomes a powerful competitive advantage.

Empower your workforce to make the most of data in their everyday roles

Robinson Ryan helps organisations create a clearly defined data strategies based on best practice principles that puts data informed decision making at the heart of your business. Our consultants have the experience to look at your diverse business demands and create a strategy aligned with the principles and practices of trusted leading organisations in data management, governance and analytics.

Using only well-established practices, we can help your business thrive through the implementation of sound data management processes that deliver on data-driven insights.

What’s more our training ensures your staff can confidently manage and use these powerful assets to meet your strategic goals. While the creation of an effective data management plan is the responsibility of senior management, educating your workforce in data literacy for their everyday roles is equally important for successful implementation. Robinson Ryan can also train your workforce to implement the strategy so the business benefits flow from all the knowledge, insight and innovation that is executed according to strong data strategy principles.

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