introduction to data modelling

Data modelling is not optional; no database was ever built without at least an implicit model.

Data Modelling is the sharpest scope management tool available to information systems development. This 1 day introductory course is designed for people who are using and reviewing data models. It explains the basic data modelling processes and applies it to a number of case studies. 
It is targeted to professionals working with data modellers or expected to complete an occasional conceptual data model as part of requirements development. This course teaches:

  • How to read data models
  • Modelling from primary sources
  • What to look for

Rich in case studies the course also covers the areas of:

  • Introduction to Relational modelling
  • Removing redundancy through normalisation
  • Entity Modelling
  • Attribute modelling including data types, value range & codes
  • Development of attributed conceptual models
  • Practical development of a data model utilising example scenarios

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Intro Data Mod

Introduction Data Modelling


13 october

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