Is 2023 the Year of Data Sensitivity?

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James Bell

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Invariably at the start of a new year we’re inundated with articles espousing optimism, healthy habits, and looking forward into our futures. But instead of easing into the year gently, the market sentiment around data is already hot. With data breaches now mainstream news, they are a very personal concern for many of us, in both our work and personal lives.

So what do we expect to be common trends across 2023?

  1. Flexibility as the new normal
    We’re still trying to find a new normal in our ways of working. Companies and their people will continue to find new balance between work flexibility and work presence. Expect to see a heightened focus on data literacy in mandatory training programs, particularly with people working flexibly.
  2. Investments in professional development
    The economic-education curve will sharpen. During times of economic volatility, people are more willing to invest in professional development and education. Data skillsets are increasingly in demand, and people will look to add data credentials and micro credentials to their resume.
  3. Employment market tipped in employees’ favour
    Skilled data practitioners will continue to be in demand in an employment market that will continue to favour employees in the first half of the year.
  4. Boards drill down on data risks
    Executive leaders will be expected by their respective boards to strengthen organisational data capability across every level of the business. Risk-averse boards will sharpen their focus on risk mitigation for data, and will look further afield than technology-driven cybersecurity measures.
  5. Consumers no longer complacent about privacy
    Consumer awareness about their own personal data will continue to grow. Whilst many people remain accustomed to handing over personal data as second nature, expect to see shifts in consumer behaviours as brands pivot to reassure customers that they have customer data privacy as a core brand promise.

In summary, 2023 will see the doors close on complacency, opening new avenues to manage, learn and deal with data in a more considered manner.

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