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Robinson Ryan

welcome to the STAFF PORTAL

How 10 minutes of research might change someone’s life

In the upcoming months, Australia focuses on the importance of mental health with R U Ok? Day in September and Mental Health Month in October. These events remind us to check in with those around us – whether it be those we interact with at work, in our recreational activities or our personal lives.

As important as these awareness days are, it is also important to reflect on the fact that these needs don’t only last for the day or the month we set aside to focus on them. Throughout our lives we all need emotional, social and professional support and we are all capable of being the support person to someone else when needed.

In the lead up to these events, we challenge you to set aside some time to think about how you can be more ready, open and willing to assist those in your life and be assisted when needed.

There are lots of great resources on the R U Ok website. Check out information on how you might notice if someone at work is not doing so well, or how to approach a conversation with someone you are worried about. You can also find a great list of services you can offer to someone who might need a bit of extra support or who you might call if you are struggling.

Taking a few minutes of your day to check out steps to support someone you care about could be the small step that leads to a conversation which can change the someone’s life.