welcome to the STAFF PORTAL

Robinson Ryan

welcome to the STAFF PORTAL

Year in Review

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our staff at Robinson Ryan!

2018 has been a big year for us. We’ve continued to make an impact in the data world, guiding clients through technical transformations and strengthening partnerships.

We’ve broadened and deepened our partnership with Value Management Consulting. We’ve brought value to the Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Health and DIPA, ACMA, DTA and DSS.

At the NDIA, we have supported the transition of new participants in the Scheme through the state and territory process. We’ve continued to provide quality services to the actuarial and business reporting teams. We created an insights team to investigate the more difficult questions facing the NDIA, and we provided thought leadership in the establishment of a new NDIA SAS environments and IDS 2.

At the MDBA, we’ve supported the Remote Sensing Proof of Concept for the northern river environmental flow event. We contributed to the MDBA’s logical and conceptual data models. We identified data management and compliance issues that challenged the MDBA. We developed a Data Management improvement work plan focusing on Data Architecture, Data Governance, Data Quality, Reference and Master Data and Metadata. Since July,we have been actively supporting the MDBA team in implementing the actions and recommendations.

In partnership with Chris Bradley we’ve developed a data strategy for Essential Energy. We are continuing to work with Essential Energy to see how we can assist with the next stage of implementation of the strategy.

We’ve made our mark at several major conferences this year, including in Canberra: the Australian Government Data Summit, Data Modelling Zone, FST “Faster Smarter Technology”. In Sydney: Australian Data Summit (chaired by Lloyd and Todd),  Future Data 2018 (which David chaired) and the CEBIT Big Data and Analytics Conference (which David and Cathy co-chaired).

We have continued our support of DAMA. Our very own Tim Goswell and David Wiebe have played vital roles. Tim is the DAMA ACT President and David is DAMA Australia Vice President. Our accomplishments with DAMA this year have including rewriting the CDMP data management fundamentals examinations to align with DMBoK V2.

We’ve held training all around Australia, including our first training session in Perth. Thanks to our promotional efforts and audience targeting strategies, we have seen growth of approximately 50% in training numbers for public courses. We’ve also created the CDMP study cram sessions and successfully held the first one. We’ve held perpetual data modelling training,which has been met with enthusiasm by students.

We’ve revamped our internet site and launched our staff intranet. We’ve developed and published our HR policies. Thank you to the back office that continues to work tirelessly to make sure that we all get paid and that the company runs smoothly, Nicola and Josh!

We’ve Welcomed: Rosemary, Natasha, Parminder, Tommy, Megan Quah, Gil, Ben, Matthew Lawler, Steven Mitchell, Andrew Madry, Michael Charters, Johan and Nicole. It’s great to have you on board!

We’ve Farewelled: Richard Rudkin, Robert Gifford, Euler Sousa, Hope McManus, Rachel Harrison, Mitchell Kelly, Deborah Noble, Richard Dill-Macky, Perzil Ara and Stephen Power.  Thanks for all the great work and we wish you all the best!

The success of Robinson Ryan lies in within the skills, dedication and professionalism of its staff. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Best wishes this holiday season,

Lloyd and David