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practical data modelling

Data Modelling is the sharpest scope management tool available to information systems development

This 2 day course in data modelling includes the individually available Introduction to Data Modelling. Which includes, how to read data models, modelling from primary sources, and provides case studies which cover the areas of:

  • Introduction to Relational modelling
  • Removing redundancy through normalisation
  • Entity Modelling
  • Attribute modelling including data types, value range & codes
  • Development of attributed conceptual models
  • Practical development of a data model utilising example scenarios

Day 2 of the course expands on the first day content with: More sophisticated modelling techniques, practical warehouse/lake modelling and larger case studies 

  • Subtypes & Supertypes
  • Time & History
  • Nulls, optional and completeness
  • Types of identifiers (keys)
  • De-normalisation
  • Reuse, patterns & resources
  • Data warehousing modelling (Star Schemes and an introduction to Vault models)
  • List Item

day 1

Introduction to data MODELLING

Learn the fundamentals to build a data model for your business, including core concepts and common uses

day 2

advanced modelling

Build on your data modelling foundations, focusing on implementing different styles of databases

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