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Episode 11

Spaghetti Western Sam Part III

With his holiday’s over and running late to work, Lloyd remembers the third movie in Spaghetti Western trilogy What will happen to Sam? Will he retire a happy man? and will folks care about sharin’ their data? 

Episode 10

Spaghetti Western Sam Part II

Lloyd, still on holidays has found the Spaghetti Western sequel. In this Western, Lloyd discovers what happens when Sam’s asset data is duplicated so much it no longer meets anyone’s needs.

Episode 9

Spaghetti Western Sam Part I

On his holidays, Lloyd, has spent a lot of time watching Spaghetti Westerns. In this episode, Lloyd shares one of his favourite movies, The Story of Sam – The man who knows all about them assets.

Episode 8

Data during a crisis

Lloyd uses the stores in his emergency supply box to explain how the management of data and information is critical during a crisis.

Episode 7

Lloyd Robinson's Conference Remarks

Lloyd shares his opening remarks from a data and analytics conference and asks the question – are you data driven or wise?.

Episode 6

Emily's Rebellion - The Book Launch

Emily’s Rebellion co-authors Lloyd Robinson and Graham Wilson share their reasons for writing the book and the experience of launching the book with publisher Steve Hoberman.

Episode 5

Emily's Rebellion - Writing The Book

In this episode Lloyd Robinson, from Robinsonryan, talks with Graham Wilson about the book they co-authored called Emily’s Rebellion

Emily’s Rebellion presents a new method of removing the complexity from business processes and information systems called the ‘Transaction Pattern’. 

Episode 4

An interview with Steve Hoberman

Steve Hoberman is a data modeller, instructor, author, publisher and conference organiser. He has been described as a Data modelling guru and is one of the most requested data modelling instructors in the world. His publishing company, Technics Publications, has published over 100 titles, including DMBOK (The Data Management Body Of Knowledge) and Emily’s Rebellion

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Lloyd shows how a Data Warehouse can be used to produce a Data Mart and why this is helpful to individual organisation units.

Episode 3

What is a Data Mart?

Lloyd shows how a Data Warehouse can be used to produce a Data Mart and why this is helpful to individual organisation units.

Episode 2

What is a Data Warehouse?

In this episode, Lloyd, uses his favourite toys to explain what a Data Warehouse is and why they are important.

Episode 1

Why do a Conceptual Model? Why not just do a Physical Model?

Lloyd explains why building a Conceptual Model is important and differs from building a Physical Model.