Getting Your Critical Data Sorted

Once you start down a data governance path, your first challenge will be addressing critical data. Gain guidance on defining and proactively managing your critical data.

Risky Business: Don’t Ruin Your Organisation by Tolerating Poor Data Quality

Nearly everyone when asked about data quality will say, “our data is terrible”. But why don’t they do anything about it? And how can you get executives interested?

Bad Data, Bad CX: How to Forge an Alliance Between Data and CX Teams

You can’t have great customer experience without great data practices. In this discussion, a data architect and product/data leader explore the intersection of these functions and how best to collaborate.

Data Governance Hurdles: Avoiding Faceplants and Keeping on the Pace

An exploration of common data governance challenges, like getting executive buy-in, pitching for funding, and effecting real change.

Data Governance: It's Not Rocket Science

A straight-talking discussion that cuts through the hype and jargon.

Data Management Careers: Which Role is Right For Me?

In this webinar we explain in layman’s terms what data management is, why it’s a great career path, and the skills and personality you need for the different job types.

Why Technology Alone Won’t Protect Your Customer Data

Watch a webinar on the topic of customer data management and learn why technology alone isn’t enough to avoid data breaches.

Getting Your Critical
Data Sorted

Don’t Ruin Your Organisation by
Tolerating Poor Data Quality

Tuesday 27 February, 11-11.45am AEDT

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