Data Governance Hurdles: Avoiding Faceplants and Keeping on the Pace

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It’s a common challenge in data governance to feel like you’re not getting enough runs on the board. Not getting the executive support or funding you need. Not getting people interested in data. Not making enough change.

In this webinar, Robinson Ryan’s General Manager James Bell and Data Governance Practice Lead Tim Goswell talk through what it takes to build and maintain momentum in data governance.

They’ll explore data governance challenges such as:
• How you as the data expert can coach your organisation effectively to get better at data governance
• How to create interest and urgency around data
• How to pitch for funding and executive attention
• Why change management is fundamental to data governance: and how to capture hearts and minds
• What it means to be a ‘data expat’ – bringing data to the broader organisation

…and more. Watch below for a lively discussion about data governance challenges.

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