Data Governance: It’s Not Rocket Science

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Between data breaches and boards taking more responsibility around data risks, improving data governance is a hot topic.

Whether you need to uplift existing data governance practices or you’re just getting started, this webinar recording cuts through the hype and jargon and offers a sensible, business-driven approach to data governance.

It’s not rocket science!

Robinson Ryan’s General Manager James Bell interviews Data Governance Lead Tim Goswell on the questions you need answers to, including:

• What are the key indicators that tell you it’s time to improve data governance?
• How does data governance impact data security?
• How do you get started and what are the first steps to tackle?
• The Goldilocks approach: How do you get data governance ‘just right’?
• How do you get others interested in data governance when it seems like they don’t care?
• Why is data culture important and how do you improve it?

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