Bad Data, Bad CX: How to Forge an Alliance Between Data and CX Teams

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You can’t have great customer experience without great data practices.

Just a few examples where data is a drag on CX:

  • Goldfish syndrome – asking consumers for data they’ve already given you
  • Departments not sharing customer data with each other
    Data quality issues that impact CX
  • A lag in consent, transparency and permissions when it comes to customer data

Robinson Ryan’s Director Lloyd Robinson is a data architecture master, having architected over $1Bn of systems and contributed to international best practice. He’s the big picture thinker, nicknamed ‘The Professor’.

Joining him is Ean van Vuuren, a highly-respected product and data leader specialising in digital experience and transformation. He’s worked across many industries, including banking, transportation and insurance, to bring digital experiences to life. He’s a master pragmatist, crafting workarounds where data practices are less than ideal.

Together, they cover lots of interesting ground, including:

  • How digital exposes data problems, what the options are to fix these problems, and the impact on customer experience
  • Decision-making around investing in solutions – quick and tactical vs strategic and systemic
  • The ‘ball of mud’ and how your internal culture will be reflected in your architecture
  • The opportunity for a mindset shift around architecture: tax vs investment

Getting Your Critical
Data Sorted

Don’t Ruin Your Organisation by
Tolerating Poor Data Quality

Tuesday 27 February, 11-11.45am AEDT

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