Opera House - elegant architecture

Architecture is the underlying structure upon which a solution is built.

An architecture's quality is determined by its ability to:

  • support incremental delivery (even if the complete set of requirements is not yet known)
  • flex and respond to change over time (aligns and delivers business strategy)
  • deliver solution of low lifetime cost structure (maintenance complexity is manageable)
  • be maintainable by easily accessible resources (it is possible to use internal or external resources and know-how)

The delivery of an architecture that meets today's needs is a basic need.

The elegance of an architecture is measured by its resilience.

Robinson Ryan design architectures that meet today's needs, but also pragmatically provides for the future.

Robinson Ryan design architectures that are capable of being incrementally expressed.  This means we know where to begin rapidly remove risk, then progressively build out the business and data layers until the complete design is fully expressed.

Robinson Ryan design architectures that focus on deploying technology to achieve business outcomes.  We focus on the gap between technology and outcome (the white space).