Data Governance

Accountability across plans, process and people

Beyond compliance

Our data governance approach goes beyond compliance: not only do we create controls to ensure data quality, safety and efficiency – but we ask the core question – how can we truly make the most your data?

We explore your business needs for data and create a coherent approach to eliminate data issues and maximise data value.

This involves plans and process – but more importantly, people. We’ll help you create the accountability, ecosystem and cultural change needed to help your people get the most from data, safely and effectively.

Our data governance management approach is highly actionable: translating the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) into practical progress.

Data governance services include:

  • Data governance reviews and maturity assessments
  • Data governance operating model and frameworks that are business-focussed
  • Data governance implementation roadmap
  • Data sharing agreements and protocols
  • Cultural change: adjusting business operating models, embedding data management roles, responsibilities and communication pathways into your organisation
  • Data governance artefact repositories
  • Data governance meeting agendas and terms of reference
  • Data governance policies, guidelines and quick references