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Most organisations have skills and cultural gaps around understanding and managing data. Our suite of data management training and coaching services are designed to ensure that all staff can make the most of data in their role in a safe and effective manner.

You’ll gain ongoing access to master-level data management experts and exposure to global best practice – our training and consulting draws upon best practices from the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) and our training staff are CDMP-certified.

How can you use data management training?

Tailored training to achieve specific outcomes: We can create highly customised data management training to lift internal skills and understanding – for example around your specific data architecture or data governance structures and processes. These courses can be delivered via a mix of workshops and instructor-led training.

Public training to lift data management literacy and understanding: Our public courses can be used to increase an entire cohort’s understanding of data management principles and literacy. Some clients include data courses in their onboarding process. Courses can also be taken by individuals as part of their career development, such as CDMP exam preparation.

Data management training includes:

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“Robinson Ryan is DAMA Australia’s exclusive CDMP training provider. We enjoy a close working relationship with the Robinson Ryan team, and value their expertise in data management, their inputs into the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK), and are thankful for their active contribution to the DAMA community.”

Varun Pant

President, DAMA Australia

Getting Your Critical
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Don’t Ruin Your Organisation by
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