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a data-driven business


Robinson Ryan considers data to be an asset that is vital to intelligent business decisions. We provide your business with the right resources and solutions allowing it to thrive as a data-driven business.


Our core mission is to empower Australian companies as they develop into a business where data is central, essential to every business decision.



Robinson Ryan provides proven services that you can trust. We aim to give you a competitive advantage by empowering you with specialised support and elite enterprise solutions. Our consultants provide a friendly while dedicated experience through the clear distillation of business problems and the most effective analysis of the issues particular to your business.


Robinson Ryan places the highest value on the specific information needs of your business. With our careful and critical examination of your needs, your business will be assured of a bespoke solution and trusted results. Our solutions maximise the value of your data and safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your stakeholders.

Upcoming events

Intensive Data

4 - 6 March

Data Modelling

hosted by DAMA Australia

7 - 8 March 2019

Government Data

hosted by Ackolade

18 - 21 March



Excel with flexible training to advance your data skill set


Update your skill set with courses tailored to your organisation blah blah blah


Receive world-class coaching to solve problems quickly


Advance your knowledge with industry-recognised certifcation


Make more discerning use of data with the right products for your organisation


Make more discerning use of data with the right products for your organisation


I'm a CDO get me out of here..

Presenter: Lloyd Robinson

CDO roles are becoming increasingly important in today’s complicated data world. But what does being a CDO really entail?

Emily's Rebellion

Author: Todd heather

Embracing Change: Education changes the value of data

Author: Tim Goswell

Education is a powerful thing. Education is key to changing how people think, live, and act; for example, it promotes equity, closing the gap between race divides, health disparities and gender roles. With education, comes changes in perspectives, the transformation of attitudes and the breaking down of barriers. 

If you want you data model to be really helpful... Ask these four questions

Author: Todd heather

Data modelling sometimes seems like an arcane art practiced by lore masters and mages, schooled in their mystical and mysterious practices in ivory towers with little relevance to here and now pressures of modern organisations.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


1300 553 877



1 - 3 April


3 - 5 JUNE


19 - 21 August


16 - 18 September


14 - 16 October

practical data modelling

Data modelling takes your business requirements and develops an information system that supports all critical business processes. The course in Data Modelling has an emphasis on its practical implementation and is essential in empowering your business with well-informed decision making and increased productivity.

This foundational course is an investment in the information systems professionals of your business. Over 2 days, the course covers the fundamentals of data modelling, incorporating accessible exercises and examples from case studies.

day 1

Introduction to data MODELLING

Learn the fundamentals to build a data model for your business, including core concepts and common uses

day 2

advanced modelling

Build on your data modelling foundations, focusing on implementing different styles of databases



11 April (Day 1 only)


16 may (day 1 only)


24 - 25 June

* Bookings will be available shortly

clear messages

This course provides participants with the building blocks and skills to create clear and compelling messages. The course describes the power of storytelling and then adapts that framework for crafting stories that resonate with a business audience.

Using story structure in business communications, using the appropriate tone

Developing and delivering the appropriate level of detail for business and technical audiences

Polishing documents and presentations for clarity and visual appeal

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Never forget an idea again

This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Download it for FREE in the app store today.

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