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What is CDMP Certification and is it Worth It?

Even if you work in data management, there’s a strong chance you didn’t set out to have a data management career, or study it formally at university.

Data management is a young, evolving profession and data leaders themselves come from widely varying backgrounds.

If you think of professions such as psychology or accounting, they are much more established, and have formal educational pathways to become a practitioner.

If you hire a CPA, there is a certain level of professionalism and trust placed in this well-established credential.

DAMA International, the global industry body for data management, created the Certified Data Management Professional certification in 2004 that aims to:

How do I become a CDMP?

There are four levels of CDMP: Associate, Practitioner, Master and Fellow. The three main criteria to become a CDMP are around passing DAMA examinations, industry experience and DAMA membership.

You’ll find detailed information on the CDMP website, but a quick exam summary:

What can I do with a CDMP certification?

A CDMP certification shows you are serious about the data management profession. As a candidate, it sets you apart from others when you’re applying for jobs. And for employers, it reduces the risks around data management by upskilling the broad knowledge of employees, using the industry’s global framework.

Becoming a CDMP improves your understanding of data management so that you’re better equipped to take on responsibilities that include:

"A good way to extend myself and add a professional certification
to my work in the data governance field.."
Vanessa Garbutt
Managing consultant at Shoreline
on why she became a CDMP

Interested in taking the DAMA exam? Sign up for our CDMP Exam Prep course and get a head start.

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